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Posted by charlie glasgow on February 21, 2012 at 12:25 AM

Charlie and the Kings of Fez Nebraska Blues put their love to with surprising doses of progressive rock. Their second album "It's Good To Be King" contains 11 songs written by guitarist Charlie Glasgow between classic blues, ZZ Top and Classic Rock.


How many ways there are actually dissolve the paper on the rigidity of the blues the blues without destroying itself? In my opinion, not too many. Since I'm with the likes of Ana Popovic on one thing: If too much playing around with the blues, he is quick to the dogs. Then, from blues rock music very quickly, which one sounds the best, they are rooted in the blues.


Which brings us to Charlie And The Kings Fez brings Charlie Glasgow and his colleagues are clearly rooted in the blues. It diminishes them, that they have for years in clubs in the States on the road - alone or now established with the 2010 band. But who on hearing of the eleven songs of "It's Good To Be The King" at bands like Styx, Saga or Steely Dan sometimes even remembers feeling that lies in his assessment is not entirely wrong. Guitar lines and keyboards thanks to the rock music of the 70s and early 80s a lot. And the sophisticated harmonic changes in songs like "Shelter" is unthinkable without this heritage. And the opening song, "Another Time Another Day" and then jazzy sounds come into play, the more likely you would expect the California blues. This can be denounced as a total betrayal of the pure blues lesson. Or are you happy about the fact that here explores a band their own sound worlds, without worrying about petty criticism.


The eleven songs on the second album by the band work fine as a rock song. And they are a real alternative to most of what else happens in the straight blues-rock. Highlights for me are "Play Me Some Blues" and "Overdrive" with his ZZ Top groove. And the wonderfully funky "Sugar Daddy" shows how tight this band is still on the blues roots. "It's Good To Be The King" is in the range of blues rock a refreshingly independent album with good songs. The album is currently available only as a download. A "real" CD is available later this year.

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